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Flutter is an open source mobile application framework that helps to build future ready mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms using a single codebase in record time. Released by Google at the Mobile World Congress Congress 2018, this innovative platform helps to build beautiful mobile apps faster with a native user interface. Flutter allows the developers to use the same codes in different environments and reduces the cost and complexity of app production across iOS and Android platforms. It is an innovative cross-platform app development framework and prototyping tool which facilitates faster development of apps with delightful motions, animations, and UIs with character and an identity of their own.

Flutter can be used in the development of business-critical apps for iOS and Android, thus enabling businesses to reach more users with a single investment. It provides speed, scalability and flexibility to develop full-featured apps, including camera, geolocation, storage, widgets, compositing, animation, gestures, 3rd-party SDKs, and more. Flutter is based on object-oriented and imperative programming concepts that enable our programmers and developers to create highly responsive user interface and user experience for app users with faster time to market.

Being a leading Flutter app development company in India, Shirley has gained expertise over this emerging technology recently introduced by Google. Our expert developers have done immense research and utilize their years of experience to build extraordinary mobile apps across iOS and Android using Flutter. Our Flutter cross-platform app development services combine our state-of the-art solutions with the Flutter qualities such as speedy development, expressive UI, native performance, amazing visuals and cost-effectiveness to ensure you get the best app in less time and cost. Flutter is highly customizable, so our programmers can develop mobile applications for any business vertical including travel, entertainment, banking & finance, gaming, food, retail, social media and more.


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