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A geographic information system (GIS) is the science of geography that helps to gather, store, manage, manipulate and analyze all types of spatial or geographical data. As an emerging technology, GIS is constantly evolving with the launch of new technologies, tools, Internet and mobile devices. The five key components that form GIS include hardware, software, people, data and methods. GIS operates on a hardware which can be a centralized computer server or desktop computers used in stand-alone. As the most trusted company to provide GIS development and programming services in India, we help you develop the software that can store, analyze, and display geographic information.

Our developers use programming languages such as Python, SQL, C++, and JavaScript to develop your customized software that can take input of geographic information and support geographic query, analysis, and visualization. We also build a database management system (DBMS) for storing your data and graphical user interface (GUI) for easy access to tools.

 In today’s high-tech world, information comes in different ways, from your organization, government statistics on public health issues to multimedia from across the world. You can leverage our team of GIS consulting services experts for GIS software and database development, data collection and conversion, data analysis as well as software engineering. We have helped commercial clients and governments worldwide to develop comprehensive GIS systems for better outcomes.

As a technology company with a leading experience in all GIS technologies, we have worked with different public and private sectors including telecom, healthcare, forestry, rural and urban management, public services, transport/logistics, engineering, resource management, infrastructure development and even the defense sector.



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