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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click program guarantees substantial improvements in your website’s online visibility on search engines page ranks, individual websites, and content networks. Improved exposure to targeted audience is also made possible via a combination of diverse channels, including paid inclusions, contextual advertising and paid placements. The success of Pay Per Click search engine marketing campaigns is reflected in rapid ROI and improved business results that higher visibility can earn you. Built up on guaranteed results of bid-based approach, reinforced with outstanding value, and supported by well-selected keywords, a nicely planned Pay Per Click campaign is an essential tool for promoting a business.


Get long-time clients and Generate quick sales with effective PPC services at Shirley. We use very effective strategies in order to help you reduce the competition and produce incremental sales with our targeted marketing campaigns. At Shirley, we first understand your business, its online marketing goals and depending on that we come out with the most suitable Pay per click plans. We have a team of very qualified experts, who have experience and skills of handling PPC programs for lots of international and domestic clients.

Pay Per Click is one among the most excellent online marketing tools that not only provides your SEO approach a boost, but help you get immediate traffic. Boost your conversion rates with professional PPC management services provided by Shirley. We proudly boast off as provider of one among the best PPC services worldwide. Every Pay Per Click campaign managed by our team is exclusive. We follow a great methodology designed specially to help clients attain their online marketing goals.

Though we emphasize on customized PPC campaign, broadly all our campaigns can be divided in three main categories:

  • ROI driven Campaigns
  • Click-driven Campaigns
  • Cost Per Action (CPA) driven Campaigns

How We work?

Understanding client needs: Our work on PPC project begins with understanding and knowing unique requirements of our clients in addition to their expectations. It assists us design an appropriate plan for them.

Scientific Approach: Finding the most appropriate and a requisite number of little volume keywords is an excellent science. We make use of the most advanced analytical techniques and tools to maximize the Return on Investment from our PPC campaigns. We do thorough analysis also which includes competitor analysis, product line analysis, keyword study etc.

Strategic Work: Each business has its requirements and this applies with Pay Per Click campaigns as well. Same approach for each business may not help you to get preferred results. This is the reason why we formulate tailored strategic plans.

At Shirley, we guarantee you of higher traffic to your site with increased Return on Investment. Making use of the tools not just helps us to bring the delivery time down, but also helps us offer highly cost effective services. So, don’t let your competitors take away all your market shares when a professional PPC team is there to help you out. Contact us today for more details!

Pay Per Click Process

PPC is the most controllable and quickest method to get your site on the top of search results when many people are searching for your kind of business, and as you simply pay per click, it’s simple to control your budget and ROI for your campaigns. Our PPC team has been managing the PPC adverts ever since they appeared. Since then, we’ve developed our unique methodology to manage campaigns from small start-ups to the large established leaders. Our Pay Per Click program is divided in three phases as given below.

Step 1: PPC Strategy

To shape a PPC campaign which is best for you, we’ll know your industry sector, business, competitors and UPS’s. We can then work with you in order to develop a good strategy which is going to deliver results you want. The primary strategy entails analysis of:

  • Campaign Structure
  • Campaign Setting
  • Adtext
  • Keywords
  • Performance
  • Landing Page
  • Tracking (AdWords, Analytics, AdCenter)

Step 2: Implementation

We will then work to deliver the strategy by building campaigns. We make a turn-key and wonderful implementation plan customized to particular needs and requirements of your business in order to ensure that you capitalize on Pay per click campaigns. . Our implementation phase includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Installation of the AdWords tracking code
  • Complete analysis of your solution
  • Landing pages selection and its optimization
  • Account establishment
  • Analysis of websites and competitor ads
  • Negative keyword setup
  • Formation of search and contents network campaign
  • Creation of ad copy
  • Campaigns setup

Step 3: Maintenance

We know that constant maintenance is critical for the success of each PPC campaign as we are a pioneer in search services domains. After the implementation is finished, we take proper care of monthly maintenance. It includes:

  • Bid management
  • Campaigns monitoring
  • Campaigns optimization depending on primary statistics
  • Ad copies Optimization (A-B testing)
  • Keywords Optimization
  • Management of Google’s remarketing, including display ad
  • Sending monthly and weekly reports
  • Quality score improvements
  • Management and study of landing pages
  • Analysis of various reports to enhance performance
  • Searches vs. display networks testing, if necessary
  • Placement (target testing, if required)



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