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What is Responsive Website Designing?

Have you ever wondered how websites adjust to different devices, like tablets, desktop, iPad or smartphones? Or why your website has trouble doing the same?
The reason for this is simple. If your website is not designed for that function, it will not respond to the needs of the users and the devices they’re using. Not all website owners are aware of responsive web design. 72% people are more likely to stay engaged if your site is mobile ready. Almost 60% of Internet browsing is done through mobile devices. First impressions matter, and this fact is even more important when it comes to websites. 94% of people who say they didn’t trust a website because of its design. Even Google, the giant search engine, considers mobile-friendly websites when it comes to ranking websites based on user searches. That’s why, at Shirley, the best-rated responsive website designing services company:

“We don’t just design websites. We create real-life experiences through human-centric designs and storytelling.”

With 15 + years of experience in designing world’s most lovable websites, we’ve been helping businesses accelerate their growth through our skeuomorphic designs, parallax and long scroll page designing, mobile design, animations, and much more. We started out as a web design agency in 2004, and we’ve designed websites for start-ups and big brands alike.We create web pages that can be navigated on any screen size and device. And, technically, this is called responsive website designing. Responsive design is Google’s recommended design pattern, and everybody’s favorite. Now, it’s your turn!



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